Filling - Faberge Eggs

Filling - Faberge Eggs

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  • 1 Knowledge
  • 2 Golem
  • 3 Filling
  • 4 12 stiches (on the doomed body)
  • 5 Artphobia
    New names on the Russian noise scene. Author of the known SEASONS OF GOD mix releases his recordings of 1996, which were prepared for publishing by Sergey Kuryokhin.

    12 stiches (on the doomed body)

    Misha Khodarevsky - reeds, objects, electronics, accordion, tape, noise generator, piano, idea
    Dima Shumkov - guitar, prepared guitar, gusli, springs, tape, noise generator, objects, animals
    Also: Alex Kirichenko ("Another Room") - bass guitar

    Recorded at Demidov Plant, April 1996

Filling - Faberge Eggs - 31644 - Contemporary music

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