Films about Animals. Black Mountain. Ricky-Tikki-Tavi. The Path Towards Uninterested Love. Lynx Follows the Path

Films about Animals. Black Mountain. Ricky-Tikki-Tavi. The Path Towards Uninterested Love. Lynx Follows the Path

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Black Mountain

After the story of Khwaja Ahmad Abbas.
The tragic story of the elephant family living in jungle of India, cinematized by the leading master of the special style of films about animals Alexander Zguridi («White Fang», «Robust Fellow», «In Depths of the Sea»). In the international award-winning pictures the director tried to state scientific knowledge of animals in the art plot. It is worthy of note that English studio «BBC» bought up the major part of films of this director and stores carefully in the reserve stock.
The scientific consultant of the film was Nikolay Drozdov («In the Animal World», «Last Hero»).

Director: Alexandr Zguridi
Script: Alexandr Zguridi
Camera: Nina Yurushkina
Music by: Alexandr Lokshin
Year: 1970
Cast: Pasha Rayman, Pradip Prins, Abbas Khodzha-Akhmad


Margarita Terekhova («Three Musketeers»), Alexey Batalov («Three Fat Men») in film of the known director, naturalist and founder of the TV program «In the Animal World» Alexander Zguridi («Black Mountain», «White Fang «) based on the story of Rudyard Kipling the Nobel Prize winner in literature («The Jungle Book»).
Here is the thrilling story of Rikki Tikki Tavi, a fearless young mongoose who finds himself locked in a life-and-death struggle to protect a boy Teddy and his parents from Nag and Nagaina, the two enormous cobras who stalk the gardens outside the family's home in India.

Director: Zguridi Alexandr
Script: Zguridi Alexandr, Kldiashvili Nana
Camera: V. Ropeyko, V. Pustovalov
Music by: Alfred Shnitke
Year: 1975
Genre: Fairy tale
Cast: Terekhova Margarita, Batalov Alexey, Alexeev Igor, Vishnu Sandin, Suri Surendra
Awards: XII International Film Festival in Yugoslavia «FEST-82» - the Award of jury of children's films, 1982

The Path Towards Uninterested Love

The first part of interesting history about a life of the young lynx Kunak. Other films from the series: “Lynx Follows the Path” (1982), «Lynx Returns» (1986), «Lynx Follows Tracks» (1994).
On one of his trips through the nature reserve, the ranger Michailytsch found a young lynx whose mother was killed by a bear. He takes it with him to his log cabin and calls it Kunak, which means friend. The young lynx gets used to the human environment. He grows up to become a stately lynx. When he attacks a rooster one day, he is sent away. On his wanderings through the Siberian forest, he is caught in a poacher’s trap. Only after a long search does Michailytsch find Kunak and frees him. But the lynx came to the attention of thieves who catch it and sell it to a circus in the city...

Director: Babayan Agasi
Script: Belokurov Leonid
Camera: Anatoly Kaznin
Music by: Merab Partskhaladze
Year: 1971
Cast: Orlovsky Dmitry, Tolbuzin Arkady, Sichkin Boris, Yurtaykin Sergey, G. Rybak, E. Zosimov, Sergeev Felix, V. Koval
Awards: International Children’s Film Festival in India – Grand Prize, 1974

Lynx Follows the Path

Sequel of the film «The Path Towards Uninterested Love». Other films from the series: «Lynx Returns» (1986), «Lynx Follows Tracks» (1994).
New history about the life and adventures of young lynx Kunak, living in the house of the ranger Michailytsch. Kunak has grown and has decided to go to a forest. It has found the girlfriend. In the struggle for a prey Kunak was wounded by the glutton. Michailytsch has rescueed the pet, and the last helped Michailytsch in struggle against poachers.

Director: Babayan Agasi
Script: Belokurov Leonid, Kemarsky Nikolay, Babayan Agasi
Camera: Kaznin Anatoly
Music by: David Krivitsky
Year: 1993
Cast: Orlovsky Dmitry, Sergeev Filimon, Yurtaykin Sergey, Kashintsev Igor, Moskalev Evgeny, Kharlanov Anatoly, Churikov Igor
Awards: XVI Russian Film Festival in Leningrad - the Diploma of jury «The Human and the Nature»

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