Four - Chetyre (4)

Four - Chetyre (4)

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Two men and a woman happen to meet in a bar. We learn from their conversations both the intriguing and banal details of their lives. But is anyone really telling the truth? From the meat market, to the president's drinking habit or the soviet cloning project, this allegory opposes different aspects of contemporary Russian society.

From a review by valis1949:

If you have ever heard the phrase, "And now for something entirely different"..., this fits 4 to an absolute T. You will get nowhere if you try to over-analyze, or try to figure what is meant by it. It works best if you let it wash over you. In its own perverse way, it really has a lasting effect. It begins bright and shining, and ends wet, muddy, drunken, and haggard. Is it a metaphor for the New Russia, a critique on the possibility of secret cloning experiments, or a celebration of drunken crones? I don't know, but I do know that this is truly like none other. If you are in a mood for A Walk On The Wild Side of Independent Cinema, give this film a look. The only films that are even remotely close to this, are the movies of Chicago director, James Fotopoulos.

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