Front (World War II detective) (8 episodes) (subtitles)

Front (World War II detective) (8 episodes) (subtitles)

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Soviet troops will learn that the Germans are developing new nuclear weapons. Behind the whole thing is the main character named Ekaterina Stuhr. She is a physicist scientist who was able to achieve very high altitudes in this area. The situation is rather unusual and therefore it is necessary to do everything possible to cope with these difficulties.

Katya understands that she can’t do anything and therefore she has to work for the Germans. There is no other option, because it is being carefully monitored. No one will give her the opportunity to escape, but the Soviet troops are ready to provide their services. A military man named Vladislav Volny is under cover at this military base. He is going to do everything possible to get Katya out of this trap and send her to his people.

It will be extremely difficult to do this, because any mistake can be catastrophic. Everyone understands this perfectly well and it remains to hope only for the most positive result. He will have to think out an ideal plan, because if it does not work out, then he will not be much better. How will this whole story end and will Vlad succeed in carrying out his insidious plan? This is still unknown!

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