Garbage Man
He is a garbage man working in a small provincial town that is drowned in Russian snows somewhere nearby Moscow. She is a fancy girl from Moscow, the type one would never expect to meet in this 'backwoods'. She is looking for a hotel, sees our hero, and is happy to have someone to talk to. But the guy, even though he is dressed as a garbage man, does not sound like one. His speach, manners, irony... He seems like a man with an interesting past. We don't know what he thought of her.

Soon they meet again. A garbage man, who sounds like a philosopher, is somewhat possible. But a garbage man dressed as a millionaire - this is too much! She decides to find out everything. Even if the process is very dangerous… This film is filled with unexpected plot turns, amusing moments and drama experiences. It will be liked by those who love a good Russian cinema.

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