Gerda (Natalya Kudryashova drama) (subtitles)

Gerda (Natalya Kudryashova drama) (subtitles)

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Gerda is a 2021 Russian drama film directed by Natalya Kudryashova.

During the day, Lera studies humankind and its needs through opinion polls, which are an educational practice at the institute; at night, she dances under the pseudonym Gerda in a club to support herself and her mother. The people she meets are as unfortunate as her family. Her father has recently left for another woman, but he constantly returns home, unable to make his choice and thereby making the life of close people intolerable. The mother painfully endures the breakup and constantly sleeps, ignoring reality. Lera doesn’t know how to carry on, where to go and what to live for, and — most importantly — how to improve life. The adult world, invariable unfortunate, which Lera observes day and night, seems hopeless.

Starring: Anastasiya Krasovskaya, Darius Gumauskas, Mariya Leonova, Serafima Krasnikova, Yulia Ogun, Yuriy Borisov

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