Good-bye,Mary Poppins! (subtitles)
Based on the "Mary Poppins" books by P.L. Travers

A family hires a babysitter who seems to possess magical powers.

"The film starts out the usual way: the Banks, a couple of busy parents want a responsible nurse to take care of their troublesome but sweet children, Jane and Michael. The very proper lady they end up hiring has magical powers and brings the children into a world of adventures. But the stories adapted from the books are different than those set in the 60's movies : no merry-go-rounds here but a talking statue, an oniric pastry shop and Mrs Banks' mother coming to visit.

The little town portrayed in the miniseries is both realistic and dreamy, a British suburb from a children's books, peopled with quirky and charming characters. Natalya Andrejchenko leads an excellent cast as Mary Poppins: she's ladylike and sweet, graceful and funny. A great actress to walk in Julie Andrew's footsteps, and give the famous part her personal touch. Lembit Ulfsak as Bert (now a gardener and Mrs Bank's beatnik brother) gives another very good performance, providing new relief to the part. And Albert Filozov as a more relaxed Mr Banks than David Tomlinson was in the film, has just the right combination of quirkiness and respectability.

Finally, the songs are extremely enjoyable and will stay in your head a long time after viewing. The soft ballad Mary Poppins sings to the children before they go to sleep, with nostalgic undertones, and "Veter Peremen" the final, hopeful number, being two of the highlights.

In the end, this is a very special and sometimes quirky miniseries, making the most of its actors, story and sets. A definite must-see for children and adults and a great alternative to the original Mary Poppins."

- the review by elisedfr (France)

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