Good People (Good Souls) (Dobryaki) (Karen Shakhnazarov comedy) (subtitles)

Good People (Good Souls) (Dobryaki) (Karen Shakhnazarov comedy) (subtitles)

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Karen Shakhnazarov's 1979 satirical comedy based on the play of the same name by Leonid Zorin about how a creatively incompetent person moves up the corporate ladder higher and higher.

Gordey Kabachkov, a professional conman, decided to make a career in science and was very successful. It happens not somewhere, but in the Institute of ancient culture. He easily deceives numerous "good people" - members of the academic Council - and defends his dissertation. It is difficult for others to accept this state of affairs.

Director: Karen Shakhnazarov

Screenwriter: Leonid Zorin

Composer: Mark Minkov

Cast: Georgy Burkov, Tatiana Vasilyeva, Nikolay Volkov, Vladimir Zeldin, Salahov Victor, Larisa Pashkova, Yury Leonidov

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