Handel - Esther - Harry Christophers

Handel - Esther - Harry Christophers

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    CD. 1 (47'31") nb Recit - recitative
    1. Overture-Andante-Larghetto-Allegro 7.00

    2. Recit.(Habdonah, Haman) "Tis greater far to spare" 0.38
    3. Aria (Haman) "Pluck root and branch from out the land" 1.56
    4. Recit.(Persian Officer) "Our souls with ardour glow" 0.08
    5. Chorus: "Shall we the God of Israel fear?" 1.38

    6. Recit.( 1st Israelite) "Now persecution shall lay by her iron rod" 0.17
    7. Aria (1st Israelite) "Tune your harps to cheerful strains" 3.53
    8. Chorus: "Shall we of servitude complain" 1.20
    9. Aria (Israelite woman) "Praise the Lord with cheerful noise" 5.35
    10. Recitative. (Israelite woman) "O God, Who from the
    suckling's mouth" 0.20
    11. Aria (2nd Israelite) "Sing songs of praise, bow down the knee" 3.33
    12. Chorus: "Shall we of servitude complain" 1.17

    13. Recitative. (Priest of the Israelites) "how have our sins provoked the Lord!" 1.00
    14. Chorus: "Ye sons of Israel mourn" 2.01
    15. Aria (Priest of the Israelites) "O Jordan, Jordan, sacred tide" 6.48
    16. Chorus: "Ye sons of Israel mourn" 2.10

    OBOE SONATA IN G MINOR (HWV 404) (oboe: Anthony Robson)
    17. Andante 2.21
    18. Allegro 1.48
    19. Adagio 1.10
    20. Allegro 2.28

    CD. 2 (57'49") nb "Recit. - recitative

    1. Recit. (Esther, Mordecai) "Why sits that sorrow on thy brow?" 0.58
    2. Aria (Mordecai) "Dread not, righteous Queen, the danger" 4.10
    3. Recitative (Esther) "I go before the King to stand" 0.15
    4. Aria (Esther) "Tears assist me, pity moving" 2.59
    5. Chorus: "Save us, O Lord" 0.58

    6. Recitative. (Ahasuerus, Esther)
    "Who dares intrude into our presence" 1.16
    7. Duet (Esther, Ahasuerus)
    "Who calls my parting soul from death?" 2.30
    8. Aria (Ahasuerus) "O beauteous Queen, unclose thy eyes" 6.43
    9. Recitative. (Esther) "If I find favour in thy sight" 0.20
    10. Aria (Ahasuerus) "How can I stay when love invites?" 3.21
    11. Recitative. (3rd Israelite, 4th Israelite)
    "With inward joy his visage grows" 0.18
    12. Chorus: "Virtue, truth and innocence" 2.39
    13. Arioso (Priest of the Israelites)
    "Jehovah, crown'd with glory bright" 1.34
    14. Chorus: "He comes, he comes to end our woes" 4.00

    15. Recitative. (Ahasuerus, Esther)
    "Now, O Queen, thy suit declare" 1.27
    16. Arioso (Haman) "Turn not, O Queen, thy face away" 2.31
    17. Aria (Esther) "Flatt'ring tongue, no more I hear thee!" 5.00
    18. Recitative. (Ahasuerus)
    "Guards, seize the traitor, bear him hence" 0.35
    19. Aria (Haman) "How art thou fall'n from thy height!" 5.05
    20. Chorus: The Lord our enemy has slain" 11.00

    Anthony Robson, oboe
    Lynda Russell, soprano: Esther
    Nancy Argenta, soprano: Israelite Woman
    Michael Chance, alto: Priest of the Israelites
    Thomas Randle, tenor: Ahasuerus/Second Israelite
    Mark Padmore, tenor: Mordecai/First Israelite
    Matthew Vine, tenor: Officer/Fourth Israelite
    Simon Berridge, tenor: Habdonah/Third Israelite
    Michael George, bass: Haman
    Robert Evans, (bass 1, Duet)
    Simon Birchall, (bass 2, Duet)
Handel - Esther - Harry Christophers - 36646 - Classical music

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