Hell’s bells! (Elki-palki)
Yevgeny Yevstigneyev, Georgy Burkov, Leonid Yarmolnik, Galina Polskikh in a sad comedy by Sergey Nikonenko based on Vasily Shukshin’s short stories “Touches on the Portrait”, “The Stubborn One”, “The Strong Go Further”.

Nikolai Knyazev works in a TV repair shop. God has blessed him with golden hands and heart, yet the majority of his fellow-town folk think he’s a bit nutty. And for a good reason: he’s constructing a perpetual motion machine, for years has been writing a philosophical treatise, dreaming of world fame and looking down on the other inhabitants of this sinful earth. But no matter how hard he is looking, he can’t see where his happiness (that is, post-office employee Lyuba) lies…

Kolya Knyazev is a typical Shukshin weirdo with that characteristic for the writer’s heroes’ dream of changing the world and a stubborn search for the meaning of life. “Me-e-eaning!”, “What’s this all for? What for?”, “What’s happening to us?” – the questions Shukshin asked by his works were the same ones that he asked himself, as an artist and a citizen, and his readers and viewers. Will we, an audience of the next generation, be able to find answers to them?..

“A glass in the morning, and you’re free for the rest of the day.”
“I wince every time I remember it.”
“Oh, hi, my friend! Lend me a ruble till the world’s end.”

Special features:
Interview with director S. Nikonenko;
Textual material about author V. Shukshin;
Photo album “Actor Sergey Nikonenko”

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