Here's to You and Us! (Andrey Smirnov drama) (subtitles)

The story of a Moscow family in a noisy communal apartment at a crucial point in Soviet history. Passions slowly smolder in a small kommunalka until the fire breaks out on New Year's Eve 1953.

Moscow, 1952, mid-October, the 19th Congress of the CPSU has just ended. Communal apartment on Bolshaya Pirogovka. The Petkevich family lives in one of the rooms: Ariadna with her husband Boris and her parents, professor of philosophy Pavel Kazimirovich and his wife Angelina Fyodorovna.

In the few months that remained before Stalin's death, the family is going through a series of dramatic events. But against the backdrop of a terrible time, anti-Semitic sentiments, a fabricated "doctors' case", denunciations and informers, there are people who live their lives without losing their honor and dignity. Difficult twists of fate will not be able to prevent our heroine from remaining a pure and sincere person and, as a result, unexpectedly meeting love.

Director: Andrey Smirnov

Script: Andrey Smirnov

Stars: Ivan Dobronravov, Dmitriy Kulichkov, Aleksandr Kuznetsov

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