His Wifes Diary (Aleksey Uchitel film) (subtitles)

His Wife's Diary (Aleksey Uchitel film) (subtitles)

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The story is about last years of a great writer, Nobel Prize for literature winner, Ivan Bunin. But it's not just Bunin's search of inspiration for the creativity by the means of other lovers. It's even not a love and passion triangle or polygon in Bunin's house ("You love me, I love him, he loves Galya, Galya loves Margo"). It's not only a course of life result and fear of something that hasn't been written about. It's an unbearable nostalgia and homesickness of an outcast generation that has never got home again (Bunin is buried in the Russian cemetery at Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois).

Well directed, good casting (Andrei Smirnov as Bunin and Galina Tyunina as his wife), well tuned soundtrack and perfectly reflected mood of the time make tragic drama "His wife's diary" a very lyric, deeply philosophic and subtle movie.

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