Hostages (Rezo Gigineishvili film) (subtitles)

Hostages (Rezo Gigineishvili film) (subtitles)

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The movie describes real events that took place in 1983, when seven young Georgians, all from intellectual elite families, attempted to flee the Soviet Union by hijacking an airliner.

The crisis ended with a storming of the airliner by Soviet special forces that resulted in eight dead. The surviving hijackers were subsequently tried and executed.


A review by Red_Identity

"I can't deny the technical strengths of the film. The film is well done. The performances across the board are strong, the cinematography gripping and effective for the kind of story being told, and the screenplay never feels exploitative. However, it's not exactly an enjoyable film to watch. I definitely do recommend it as a piece of film making, but it's one that's hard to love. Still, one can't deny the impact the film has. I think the mysterious incident at the core of it does cloud it in mystery, and the film rightfully doesn't want to give easy answers or excuses for the behaviors shown."

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