The Princess and the Pea (DVD-NTSC)
In one of the realms, there was time for the prince to get married, but the bride would have to be a real princess. A sign was put up on the gates: A Princess Wanted. But in response to it there appeared only a small girl, wet to the bones after the rain and bearing no resemblance to nobility. So the prince was obliged to venture off to other lands in search of a suitable match. Henceforth the princes adventures unfold.In one kingdom, he met a fat king, in another a hospitable king. He also visited the kingdom of arts. He saw enough princesses, beautiful and clever. And yet, the real princess, the only one he longed for, proved to be the girl who had knocked at their door during a rainstorm.

Special Freatures:
Original Theatrical Trailers (1976, 1966); A Musical Piece Spring from Antonio Vivaldis Cycle Seasons ; Filmographies, Photos

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