Old Hottabych (DVD-NTSC)
This fantastic comedy is based on the tale of the same name by Lazar Lagin.

A 12-year-old schoolboy, Volka, while taking a swim in the Moscow River, stumbles upon a sealed old jug with something inside. The boy’s curiosity was so overpowering that he opened the vessel as soon as he got a chance, and saw before him an Oriental genie – Hassan Abdurahman ibn Hottab. To reward Volka for saving him from a two thousand-year-long confinement, the genie, whom the boy called Hottabych, becomes his loyal servant. Determined to shower the boy with presents, Hottabych delivers to his home a whole caravan of camels loaded with countless treasures. Together, they will take a thrilling flight to India on a magic carpet...

Awards: Honorary Diploma at the Vancouver IFF, 1958.

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