Sadko (DVD-NTSC)
This tale is based upon the legends born in ancient times in the old Russian city of Novgorod.

Novgorod’s merchants are feasting in a gorgeous palace. A young gusli player named Sadko is bragging that he can bring to their land a sweet-voiced bird of happiness. But the merchants are ridiculing him. Nevertheless, Sadko sets off on a travel to bring the bird of happiness to Novgorod. He is offered help by the daughter of the Ocean King – she is mesmerized by Sadko’s singing and is in love with him. The hero is destined to visit many lands in his search of the bird. He will come to India, Egypt and other countries. But only on his return to his native Novgorod, would Sadko realize that there is no better land than the one you were born in. And so there is no need to go far in search of one’s happiness.

Awards: Silver Prize at the Venice IFF, 1953.

Special Freatures:
Video subjects: "Father", "Reflections on a theme";
Documentary film "The Fairy-Tale world of Alexander Ptushko";
Photo album

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