Ilya Muromets (DVD-NTSC)

The film is based on Russian epic tales about the famous hero embodying the best character traits of the Russian people. Ilya Muromets, like Dobrynia Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich, is a favorite character of Russian folklore.

Ilya Muromets is a heroic warrior who succeeded in protecting the Russian land from evil enemies, defeating their thousands-strong army. He saved Russia from various monsters, such as Nightingale the Robber and Gorynych the Serpent.

This was the first Soviet wide-screen motion picture. Participating in the shooting were 106,000 soldiers-extras and 11,000 horses – the record numbers in the history of world cinema (as documented in Patrick Robertson’s "The New Guinness Book of Movie Records", published in 1993).

Awards: Honorary Diploma at the Edinburgh IFF, 1958

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