Yevlampia Romanova-2. The Diletante Investigation (DVD-NTSC)
Part 4

Katya leaves for the States in the company of her kids and her pets. Kostin takes a leave and leaves for the country to visit his granny. Lampa takes the housemaid job in the house of her favourite detective writer Kondrat Razoumov who is finishing his sensational “Playpen for Hyenas” novel disclosing the true faces of his friends...

Part 5

Lampa works in a detective agency and specializes in tracking down adulterous spouses. One of her cases targets a certain guy named Lyamin. After establishing the fact of the adultery, Lampa passes the photos and tapes to her boss Semyon. At Lyamin’s birthday party Zhanna Malysheva who is Lyamin’s secret lover, takes a gulp of her drink and dies...

Part 6

Yevlampia enjoys her stay at the dacha with her Kiryusha and her pets. Kostin and Samonenko come to visit her rich neighbor Garri Serafimov and go to a party. Samonenko plans to ask for some money for a new TV series, while Kostin suddenly gets a hefty fee for services as a killer. Pretty soon the party is interrupted by visitors.

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