Verdi - La Traviata - Moscow Classical Ballet (DVD-NTSC)

Verdi - La Traviata - Moscow Classical Ballet (DVD-NTSC)

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The DVD is featured by original recording of the ballet and NOT digitally re-mastered

Musik von G. Verdi-P. Salnikov
Libretto von N. Kasatkina und V. Vasilyev
Nach einer Novelle von A. Dumas Sohn

Margarita Goutier-V. Timashova
Arman-A. Gorbatsevich
Arman's Vater-V. Trofemchuk
Graf-S. Belorybkin
Olympia-E. Berezina

Orchester des "Moscow Classical Ballet"
Dirigent-A. Petukhof

Premonition of the forthcoming death wearied Margarita. That year she was already very ill. Lapsing into unconsciousness, she saw one and the same vision all the time.
Vision one
Here she drags, herself along the night graveyard and suddenly, among the graves she finds the gravestone bearing the inscription "Margarita Goutier". The vision is broken.
All nobility gathered in this place, the dames of demimonde, Bohemians, artists and dancers: Proudance, Gaston R., mademoiselle Mars, young Egene - socialized freely with the guests of the theatre during the interval. It was the place where Margarita got acquainted with Arman. Her heart -the heart of the most famous courtesan in Paris - started to beat suddenly from the sincere feeling. Margarita had to leave with the old Count, who supported her at the time. Passionate Arman rushes after her.
Margarita was just sending away the annoying Count when she saw Arman at the threshold of her bedroom. Margarita tries to persuade Arman that such a passion for courtesan is not worthy of it. But love overcomes all doubts.
In his estate in the suburbs of Paris Arman secluded with Margarita. Friends of Margarita and Arman - Proudance, Gaston R., mademoisell Mars, young Eugene - come to visit them. But the loving couple does not respond to the calls. They are happy and entirely devoured with each other.
Scene four - "OPERA" THEATRE
That evening the "Alcesta" ballet based on the antique plot was held in the "Opera" theatre. (Alcesta and Apollo love each other, but Charon separates them, threatening Alcesta to send her to the nether world to furies instead of the realm of shadows). The main part is performed by the magnificent Olympia, the part of Apollo - by the famous Pier N., the part of Charon - by Gaston R. Among the spectators Arman meets his father, monsieur Duval. Arman is presented to the family of the General, whose son George is engaged to his sister Blanche. The scandal breaks out - Arman's affair with the well-known courtesan casts a shadow on the whole Duval family. Monsieur Duval begs Margarita to abandon Arman for the sake of Blanche. The tears of the innocent girl overfill Margarita's heart with pity and she agrees to sacrifice her own love.
Margarita has regained consciousness. She writes on the applet: "We must part" and gives the note to monsieur Duval. Having read the note, Arman gives himself up to despair.


It was one of the masquerades so popular in Paris at the time. There Margarita and Arman meet each other after their break. Arman insults Margarita cruelly, having assumed that she left him for the Count's money. For some time love, which never die, captivates them again. But Margarita collects herself. Happiness of Blanche is in her hands again. In front of Arman's eyes Margarita rushes to the Count. Arman demonstratively embraces Olympia and leaves with her. Mlargarita is completely overpowered with illness and despair.
Scene seven - ON BOARD OF THE SHIP
Monsieur Duval tries to entertain his son by the journey on board of the ship. Happiness of Blanche and George reminds Arman of his own destroyed bliss. Monsieur Duval is not against Olympia conforting his son. After all an actress is not a courtesan, this affair is quite decent. But Arman misses Margarita terribly.
Scene eight - RESORT
Here lung patients drink medicinal waters, take curative baths. Here death has become a habit. The Count leaves Margarita, weakened by illness and grief, - this picture is too hard for him. But in this sorrowful place there is no custom to give way to despair. Let the gaiety fill the rest of life.
Scene nine - NEAR THE CHURCH
The newlyweds Blanche and George emerge majestically from the church. Both families are happy. Dying Margarita begs monsieur Duval to tell Arman the truth. Duval agrees. Margarita loses consciousness.
Vision three
It seems to Margarita that she is in the graveyard tortured by the black figures. It is not clear, who they are - health-resort visitors who had taken the curative mud, or the undertakers, or the illness itself. Margarita sees Arman embracing Olympia, monsieur Duval, Blanche whose bridal veil has become Margarita's deadly shroud.
Margarita came to herself at the same place. Through the doors of the church she sees Arman who gives way to despair after his farther told him the truth about Masgarita.
Having lost the support of the Count Margarita is compelled to sell all her belongings. Proudance prepares Margarita's dresses for the auction. But Margarita wouldn't part with the dress she was dressed in during her first meeting with Arman. She'll be in it in the coffin. With curiosity and greediness "decent" dames scrutinize, smell, buy up the dresses of the famous Paris courtesan. In excitement Olympia snatches the fan out of Margarita's hands. All strength leaves the sick Woman.
Vision four: THE LAST
In death-agony Margarita bids farewell to Arman near her grave. The light of life is fading but Margarita's great sacrifice opens a new light for her, which she discovers, dying.
She died in February during Easter eamivals. Gay crowd in fancy-dress bursts into Margarita's house. Arman tosses among the women dressed in her dresses. He finds Margarita breathless, lying on the staircase. Arman’s grief is boundless.

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