Khachaturian - Spartacus - The Bolshoi Ballet (DVD-NTSC)

Khachaturian - Spartacus - The Bolshoi Ballet (DVD-NTSC)

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The DVD is featured by original recording of the ballet and NOT digitally re-mastered


Spartacus - Vladimir Vasiliev
Phrygia - Natalia Bessmertnova
Crassus - Maris Liepa
Aegina - Nina Timofeyeva

Choreography Yuri Grigorovich
Director Vadim Derbenev
Composer Aram Khachaturian
Conductor Algis Zhuratis

"Yuri Grigorovich's Spartacus, already familiar to American audiences, comes into its own here as both ballet and film. The inherent cinematic approach in Mr. Grigorovich's staging of Aram Khachaturian's score falls perfectly in place . . . Vladimir Vasiliev, as the slave who leads an unsuccessful revolt against the Romans, dances and acts on a heroic level that is the performance of a lifetime. Maris Liepa matches him on every point magnificently as the villain, the Roman general Crassus. Natalia Bessmertnova and Nina Timofeyeva round out the ballet's great original cast. With its phalanxes confronting the camera head-on and its slow-motion shots of Mr. Vasiliev soaring through the sky, the film takes its chances. It is also one of the best dance films ever made".
Anna Kisselgoff
The New York Times
(from her review of the Video Artists International 1983 videocassette release)

Bonus feature: Vasiliev and Plisetskaya dance the final scene from "The Little Humbacked Horse"

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