Debussy - Prelude a I'

Debussy - Prelude a I' "Apres-midi d'un faune / Bartok - Music for Stirngs, Precussion and Celeste / Stravinsky - "Agon" - Yevgeny Mravinsky (CD)

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    CLAUDE DEBUSSY (1862-1918)

    1. Prelude a I' "Apres-midi d'un faun"

    BELA BARTOK (1881-1945)

    Music for strings, instruments, percussion and celesta Sz 106 (1937)
    2. Andante tranquillo
    3. Allegro
    4. Adagio
    5. Allegro molto

    IGOR STAVINSKY (1882-1971)

    Agon, ballet for twelve dancers (1954-1957)
    6. Pas de Quatre
    7. Double Pas de Quatre (Eight female dancers)
    8. Coda. Triple Pas de Quatre (Eight female dancers and four male dancers)
    9. Prelude

    First Pas de trois
    10. Saraband-step (Male dance solo)
    11. Gailliarde (Two female dancers)
    12. Coda (One male and two female dancers)
    13. Interlude

    Second Pas de trois
    14. Bransle simple (two male dancers)
    15. Bransle Gay (one female dancer)
    16. Branse Double (two male and one female dancers)
    17. Interlude
    18. Pas de deux (Male dancer and female dancer)
    19. Coda
    20. Four Duos (Male and female dancers)
    21. Four Trios (Male and two female dancers)
    22. Coda (All the dancers)

    Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra
    Conductor Yevgeni Mravinsky

    Soloists: D. Bedda (flute) (1), O Krylova (piano), Ye. Sinitsyna (harp), N. Kuridzhanian (celesta), A. Ivanov (timpani), (2-5)

    Recorded live at concerts in Great Hall of Moscow Philharmonic, February 28th, 1965 (1-5), in the Great Hall of Leningrad Philharmonics, October 30th, 1968 (6-22)


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