Masha and the Bear. English Version. Part 3 (Episodes 37-54) (English only) (DVD-NTSC)

Masha and the Bear. English Version. Part 3 (Episodes 37-54) (English only) (DVD-NTSC)

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Attention: This DVD has only English language audio version!

“Masha and the Bear” is continuing to enslave hearts all over the world. Here is fully translated version of our beloved animation series!

You will find out how the story of Masha and the Bear has started, how you could identify the footprints of different animals on the snow, how you could go fishing, and you will see many others funny adventures!

And you can learn English with your favorite funny Masha by watching her adventures!

Bon Voyage (Большое путешествие)

Trading Places Day (Нынче все наоборот)

The Thriller Night (Сказка на ночь)

Terrible Power (Красота-страшная сила)

Hats Off (Дело в шляпе)

And Action! (День кино)

Self Made Hero (Героями не рождаются)

Once a Year (Раз в году)

The Puzzling Case (Запутанная история)

Dancing Fever (Учитель танцев)

Victory Cry (Крик победы)

Sabre-Toothed Bear (Пещерный медведь)

Variety Show (Дорогая передача)

Happy Harvest (Праздник урожая)

Home-Made Ninjas (Неуловимые мстители)

See You Later (До новых встреч)

Coming Home Ain't Easy (На круги своя)

The Very Fairy Tale (В гостях у сказки)

Project Director, Idea, Script: Oleg Kuzovkov

Directors: Oleg Uzhinov, Denis Chervyatsov, Andrey Parygin

Art Director: Ilya Trusov

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