Trouble in Store (The Hunt for Berkut) (8 episodes) (subtitles) (DVD-NTSC)
In the spring of 1982 as Brezhnev's power was waning, Yuri Andropov decides to tackle corruption and apathy in the Soviet Union. A number of company directors were targeted, but Andropov's first aim was to arrest Berkutov, director of the country's First Yeliseyev Grocery Store, who, it was believed, had been supplying faulty goods to influential government officials for many years.

With Brezhnev's rule almost at an end and Andropov tipped to replace him, Colonel Skachko, Head of the Investigation Department approaches some of Berkutov's inner circle, starting with his assistant Zoya Platonova. During the 'cultivation' of Zoya Platonova, an interesting fact is established -- her son, Anton had had an affair with Skachko's wife, Masha, who had given Anton a book forbidden by the regime. To save Masha, Skachko has no alternative but to release Anton and give up his interrogation of Zoya Platonova.

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