The Stars' Caravan (DVD-NTSC)

The Stars' Caravan (DVD-NTSC)

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The Soviet Union developed the Kyrgyz Nomadic Cinema as a propaganda weapon, taking specially selcted films by cars and horse caravans to the nomads of the rugged mountain regions. The collapse of the system and the switch to market economy following independence saw the end of the travelling cinema and a move from Soviet propaganda to American B-movie violence.In eastern Kyrgyzstan, in the small town of Naryn, the two cinema projectionists and protagonists, Zarylbek and Myrat, represent different eras and ways of thinking. The older projectionist, Zarylbek, yearns for the Soviet system and the travelling cinema culture, whereas Murat has grown up in the new capitalist world and is more interested in western culture. Despite the poor situation and the neglects in subsidies, the Naryn cinema is still trying to revive the cinema tours in order to continue the tradition in a community influenced by market economy, the Islamic faith and nomadic culture.The story begins with the town of Naryn preparing for the 1,000 years anniversary of Manas, their national hero. The cinema staff plays a significant part in the organisation. The problematic preparations are further complicated as a group of Islamic rebels invade Kyrgyzstan and the country is subjected to a state of war. Hence, the heroic tale of the god-like Manas epitomises the present situation and the dreams of the protagonists Zarylbek and Murat.
Through the vicissitudes of the protagonists, The Stars’ Caravan tells about using films as a means of propaganda, their great manipulative power and their capacity to be a messenger from different cultures - subjecting the audiences both intentionally and unintentionally to mind-altering signals. At the same time, the documentary shows how strong roots can help a culturally strong community preserve its identity in the heart of this manipulation. On the other hand, it shows how a young and chaotic system is prone to theinfluence of different tendencies.
Manas, the Nomadic Cinema and films convey the colourful development and history of Kyrgyzstan as the cinema caravan moves on reviving hopes and dreams.

Director: Arto Halonen

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