Daniel Goddard

Daniel Richard Goddard was born in Sydney, Australia on August 28, 1971. He had nearly completed a degree in finance when he dropped from the University and transferred to the Ensemble Actors Studio. After several theatrical appearances, Goddard landed his first television role in the soap opera Home and Away as the bad boy Eric Phillips. In this role, he arrived on the European scene as a major heartthrob.

Daniel then departed Australia for the lights of Hollywood, where he was unknown, despite his previous soap fame. During the period he was establishing himself in Hollywood, Daniel modeled for Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana. Finally, the young actor landed the lead role of Dar on the Beastmaster television series and returned to his native country, Australia, to film the series.

To date, the Beastmaster television series remains Daniel Goddard"s major work and claim to fame. His gentle, easily recognizable face is burned into the memories of Beastmaster fans everywhere and likely will follow him for the rest of his life. Since the end of the Beastmaster series in 2002, Daniel Goddard has only had two television appearances, appearing in one episode of the television series, Monk, and one episode of the series, Wildcard, both in 2004.

Daniel Goddard has only one film credit, appearing in a post-apocalyptic movie called Dream Warrior (2004), apparently filmed in 2003, but not yet released by the studio. Mr. Goddard also filmed an anti-drug commercial in 2000.


Dream Warrior (DVD-PAL)

Dream Warrior (DVD-PAL)

In a post apocalyptic world, Rage is a hunted man on the run because he is a "freak" who possesses e..


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