Boris Spasski

The pianist Boris Spasski was born in Moscow and has been living for several years in Switzerland. He is among the new generation emanating from the so-called "Moscow piano school". In his playing he unites outstanding virtuosity, beauty and sound with wealth of attack and radiation strength as well as natural change, passion and restraint. Thanks to his trademark musicality, this young musician wins over public and critics likewise. Boris Spasski studied at the Russian Music Academy in Moscow under Professor Oleg Boshniakowitsch, the advocate of the famous Russian piano school of Anton Rubinstein, Sergei Rachmaninov, Konstantin Igumnov, Heinrich Neuhaus and Vladimir Sofronitsky. Objective of this kind of music play is to make the grand piano "singing" and "speaking", as it were the human voice.

After graduation from the Music Academy, Boris Spasski was appointed as the permanent soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic Society, which led to numerous concert series. The pianist played a lot with symphonic orchestras, for example, with The Russian State Radio and Television Orchestra, and with quartets too, for example, with Tchaikovsky Quartet and Dominant Quartet from Russia, with Casarati-Quartet from Italy and with Aura-Quartet from Switzerland.

"Spasski conjured music full of magic, which one would never want to part with" - the Russian newspaper "Kultura" wrote after Boris Spasski’s performance in 1999. In June 2000, the magazine "Philharmonic" described the pianist as "a master who can change with elf-like ease from one musical style to another". In May 2004, the Swiss newspaper "Zurichsee-Zeitung" called him "an excellent pianist". In April 2005, another Swiss newspaper "Solothurner Zeitung" described his concert as a "Visit of virtuoso performer of Chopin". In July 2005 the Danish newspaper "Nordjyske Stiftsidende" called him "The Great Spasski".

In October 2000, Boris Spasski's first audio CD appeared. In December, the renowned magazine "Das musikalische Leben" (The musical life), wrote: "To the numerous interpretations of Tchaikovsky’s "The seasons" a poetic, immensely talented interpretation had arrived". In July 2003, his second CD appeared with Ballads and Scherzi from Chopin. In the "Neue Zurcher Zeitung" a review of the CD was published which commented that Spasski was: "A pianist and musician who is worthwhile to remember".

Boris Spasski performs in Russia, Italy, Holland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania and Switzerland. He has inspired audiences at different festivals in his country and in Europe. In 2001, he played at the International Music Festival in Moscow "Radio "Orpheus" presents" "The Seasons" and "Grande Sonate" by P.I. Tchaikovsky. This concert was broadcasted live by radio. In 2003 he was invited by Swiss radio "RSR Espace" to the Schubertiade in Martigny. There he filled the audience with enthusiasm with his A major Sonata, D 959 by Franz Schubert. On April 4th, 2004 at the International Music Festival in Moscow he performed with a great success the piano concerto No. 2 by Camille Saint-Saens in the fully booked-out 1900-seat Great Concert Hall of the Moscow Conservatory together with the Russian State Orchestra for Radio and Television. This concert was broadcasted live by classic radio "Orpheus". On May 23rd, 2004 the pianist performed the Quintet op. 81 in A major by Dvorak at the opening of the Summer Music Festival by the Lake of Zurich. On February 15th, 2005 Boris Spasski played with great success his new Schubert program at the XXI International Festival "Sarajevo Winter 2005". In July 2005 he performed his Schubert - Schumann program at the Vendsyssel Festival of classical music in Denmark.

The repertoire of this musician is amazingly comprehensive. It includes piano concertos and solo performances from different epochs in various music styles - from Johann Sebastian Bach until the present day. In 2003, Boris Spasski has created two great new musical programs: a Chopin program with the 4 Ballads and the 4 Scherzi as well as a Liszt program with the Douze etudes d'execution transcendante; in 2004 - a Schubert program with two last Sonatas in C minor, D 958 and A major, D 959, as well as a Schumann program with the Symphonic Etudes and Phantasy Pieces. These concerts were performed in Moscow and in Western Europe with great success and enthusiasm.

For season 2005/2006, besides other performances, Boris Spasski has presented his new Mozart program with Sonate in B flat major KV 333, Fantasie in D minor KV 397, Fantasie in C minor KV 475, Sonate in C minor KV 457, and his new Chopin program with Nocturnes in European countries. In March 2006, Boris Spasski performed with great success his new programs in Russia (Moscow), in May in Switzerland (Zurich), in July in Denmark (Nyborg Slotskoncerter) and in August in Germany (35. Langenagener Sommerkonzerte).

During the season 2006/2007 the pianist performed his various new programs in Russia, Switzerland and Lithuania. His concert on 3rd of July 2007 in Vilnius at Christopher Summer Festival with Chopin program was recorded for the Lithuanian Radio. Besides his solo concerts, he also played with the Uljanowsk Symphony Orchestra in the Uljanowsk concert hall on 11th of November 2007.

He made different recordings for Russian broadcasting companies: Russian State Radio, Radio Classic, Radio "Orpheus", as well as for broadcasting companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark and Lithuania.

Chopin - Nocturnes, Barcarolle, Berceuse, Fantasie-Impromptu - B. Spasski (CD)

Chopin - Nocturnes, Barcarolle, Berceuse, Fantasie-Impromptu - B. Spasski (CD)

Chopin - Nocturnes,Barcarolle,Berceuse,Fantasie-Impromptu - B. Spasski - 51816 - Classical music..


Tchaikovsky - The Seasons - Boris Spasski (CD)

Tchaikovsky - The Seasons - Boris Spasski (CD)

Tchaikovsky - The Seasons - Boris Spasski - 34359 - Classical music..


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