Hans-Jurgen Kaiser

Hans-Jürgen Kaiser completed his music education studies at the Musikhochschule Heidelberg-Mannheim and his study of Catholic church music at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz with honours. He also completed a course of study as an organ recitalist at the Saarland Musikhochschule. His teachers included Leo Krämer, Katja Laugs-Beckenbach and Poldi Mildner, among others. He also studied with Nicholas Danby in London and with Peter A. Stadtmüller in Mainz. He was a finalist in the 1984 international organ competition Grand Prix de Chartres, and in the 1985 Dom zu Speyer international competition, in which he was also awarded a stipendium.

In 1987 he took first prize in the Dom zu Speyer competition, and in the same year was awarded the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz prize. Hans-Jürgen Kaiser was appointed cathedral organist in Fulda in 1989, a position that also involves the supervision of organs and bells in the diocese of Fulda. Since 1990 he has lectured on improvisation and liturgical organ playing at the Johannes Gutenberg University, where he has served as professor for organ improvisation since 1995. His career has brought a number of recordings, broadcasts and television appearances.


Liszt - Organ Works - Hans-Jurgen Kaiser (CD)

Liszt - Organ Works - Hans-Jurgen Kaiser (CD)

Liszt - Organ Works - Hans-Jurgen Kaiser - 37896 - Symphony & Chamber Music..


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