Roland Dyens

Dyens Roland Born on October 19, 1955, French interpreter, composer, arranger and improviser Roland Dyens began guitar studies at the age of nine. Four years later he became a student of Spanish Master guitarist Alberto Ponce and, in 1976, was awarded the Licence de Concert de l’Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris.

While learning his instrument, Roland Dyens also studied composition with the renowned teacher, composer and orchestra director Désiré Dondeyne under whose guidance he was awarded the first Prize in Harmony, Counterpoint and Analysis.

Among the most distinguished awards obtained during the early years of his career, Roland Dyens received the Special Prize at the International Competition Citta di Alessandria (Italy) and the Grand Prix du Disque de l’Académie Charles-Cros, both in honor of the major Brasilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos.
At the age of 25 he became a laureate of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. Eight years after this, he was recognized as one of the "100 Best Living Guitarists" in all styles by the French magazine Guitarist.

Roland Dyens shares the joy of his musical talent while performing, composing and teaching throughout the world. This tri-dimensional offering provides the basis for the phenomenal success of this musician and his ongoing evolution.

Never falling short of a full event, Roland Dyens’concerts unfold for attendees as a personal experience of emotional awakening. Deeply inspired in this arena of musical unity, audience members will often later use the impact of the artist’s virtuosity and creativity in their own perception of music and, more broadly, their lives as well. For those of Roland Dyens’ audiences who are unfamiliar with the contours and nuances of classical guitar performance, one often witnesses an inspirational discovery of the instrument and its musical potential.

Roland Dyens has a sensitive and colorful approach to the guitar– an unfailing open-mindedness which brings together all forms of music to each and every one of his programs. His stage presence, his improvised openings and unique relationship with the listeners undeniably position him at the forefront of guitar performance today.

For a long time now, his music has been an integral part of the instrument’s repertoire, placing him at the heart of a select group of contemporary guitarist/composers who enjoy such a privileged position. His compositions and arrangements are widely performed and highly acclaimed throughout the world. They provide a new breath of life for the guitar as this player and composer never ceases to challenge the limitations of his instrument.

The growing number of participants and auditors in Roland Dyens’master classes is surely due to the depth of his presentation which is rich in innovative themes. With a keen sense of quality and emotional strength, his natural ability to communicate with guitarists of younger generations transforms the formality of a master class into a joyful encounter.

Roland Dyens teaches at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris.

Myers, Dyens, Mangore, Ponce, Lauro, Albeniz, Villa-Lobos - Guitar Works - Domenico Martucci (CD)

Myers, Dyens, Mangore, Ponce, Lauro, Albeniz, Villa-Lobos - Guitar Works - Domenico Martucci (CD)

Myers,Dyens,Mangore,Ponce,Lauro,Albeniz,Villa-Lobos - Guitar Works - Domenico Martucci - 39067 - Sym..


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