Vagif Sadykhov

Vagif Sadykhov was born on 6th June 1946 in Baku. He went to the Bul-Bul musical school where he was called a child-prodigy not only because he performed very difficult works as if he were a mature musician, but also because he was a white-faced, chubby and homely boy, with his perfectly parted hair.
Vagif’s father, a famous doctor, was very proud of his son’s musical achievements hoping he would continue the profession of his grandfather - Sadikhjan, the famous tar performer. But everything changed when Vagif’s cousin, who worshipped jazz, brought him a cassette... Oscar Peterson… “My head even began to swim when I heard his music and soon I couldn't imagine living without it”.
Vagif’s father was very disappointed when his son organized symphonic jazz at school. When he was a student of the Conservatoire Vagif was still playing jazz. However it is not quite right to say that Vagif was a student: there was never a student like him, either before or later, at the Conservatoire.
When Vagif was a first year student he performed with the "Gaya" vocal group and as a member he went to Moscow to take part in a contest. He went out … and did not come back. He stayed there, in Gorky Street, at the "Molodyejnaya" cafe, which was considered the Mecca of jazz at that time.
The well known saxophonist Sermakashev V. who was a leader of the Young People’s KM Quartet, immediately hired the then unknown 18 year old Bakuvian to work with his elite group. Vagif was playing with no thought of sleep or food. He played the program in the evenings and in the mornings he had a rehearsal just there, in the cafe: he did not have any musical instrument in his rented apartment.
Vagif’s parents were lost in Baku: their son, the boy from a well-respected family was working in the evenings at a cafe! His brother, the teachers of the Conservatoire and music-loving friends supported him. Distinguished academicians, businessmen, politicians and grey-haired musicians, every one of whom had made their own fortune - they all remember Sadykhov’s virtuoso performances.
His evident talent caused nothing but admiration. An unsurpassed improviser, a class master - these are the words used of Vagif. He very soon became very close to musicians within the quite closed caste of jazzmen. He had invitations from such leading figures as Nosov, Goldstein and Kunsman. He played at the "Blue Bird" and the "Pechora" along with them. To Baku Vagif only came to take exams: in 20 days he played an exam program which he always passed with distinction and then he was again back to Moscow.
Vagif performed together with such stars as Gerry Mulligan: their concert was broadcast by the Voice of America in 1968. Charles Lloyd, Jack DeJohnette., Paul Gonsales, Totti, Reilly B., Mil Hilton, Zbignew Namislovsky and others invited him to join their programmers. There were also many prestigious musical forums in Moscow, Tallin, Finland, Germany, India, and Cuba where he gained the highest ratings.
From 1973 he played with the orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem where the frequent recording of Sadykhov’s solo performance began. Later he worked with the "Melodiya" group of the gramophone recording studio of the Soviet Union and at the same time there were tours, tours, tours…
During energetic intervals between endless concerts, Vagif recorded his "Barometer" disk and the composition "Dedication to Herbie Hancock". Later he created his own "Modern Jazz Music" quintet and he composed music drawing on national motifs in his works. "Nostalgia" which is comprised of Azerbaijan national music was recognized as the best composition of the year in 1988 in Moscow and "Vanka-Vstanka" which used Russian folklore, was recorded by American musicians in New York. Later when Vagif was playing with the symphonic orchestra of the State Cinematography of USSR where he was working until quite exhausted, he was invited to join their concerts by the American quintet of the famous trumpeter V.Ponomaryov. With that quintet he took part in the International Festival in Moscow and then in the full halls of New York and Connecticut.
Later Vagif performed with the quartet of American saxophonist Igor Butman. "He plays wonderfully - only African people can play like he does,"- admitted the jazz master. They played concerts in Europe, USA and Australia. Most of the programme consisted of Vagif Sadykhov’s works.
But the streets of his hometown attract him more and more and he often comes to Baku to give concerts and to take part in jazz festivals to conquer again the hearts of his fellow-countrymen.

Barometer. Jazz-Quintet (CD)

Barometer. Jazz-Quintet (CD)

Barometer. Jazz-Quintet - 48151 - Jazz..


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