Jarmila Novotna On Radio

Jarmila Novotna On Radio

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    1. Offenbach, Jacques: La belle Heléne :"Paris song and duet Heléne - Paris"
    2. Verdi, Giuseppe: La Traviata:"Ah! forse é lui..."
    3. Liddle, Samuel: I. Why didn´t you came
    4. Fibich, Zdeněk: My moonlight Madonna
    5. Lehár, Franz: Giuditta:"Schön wie die blaue Sommernacht" with Richard Tauber
    Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Le Nozze di Figaro
    6. I. "Non so píú cosa son..."
    7. II. "Voi che sapete"
    Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Die Zauberflöte
    8. I. "Ach, ich fuhl´s"
    9. II. "Soll il dich"
    10. III. "Bei Männern"
    11. Offenbach, Jacques: Les Contes d´Hoffmann: "Barcarolle"
    12. Lehár, Franz: Giuditta: "Meine Lippen sie küssen so heiss"
    13. Friml, Rudolf: L´amour toujour l´amour
    14. Herbert, Victor August: Herbert´s pot - pourrie
    15. Verdi, Giuseppe: La Traviata: "Addio del passato"

    Broadcsts from Records and Selected Live Performances from 1934 to 1945
Jarmila Novotna On Radio - 38124 - Opera,Operetta and Ballet Music

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