Jumpman (Podbrosy) (Ivan I. Tverdovsky film) (subtitles)

Jumpman (Podbrosy) (Ivan I. Tverdovsky film) (subtitles)

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Young Oksana puts her newly born Denis in a baby box. Sixteen years later she steals him away from a children's home, intent on making amends for her maternal neglect, and to exploit him to earn money in a corrupt legal system.


Sixteen years ago left posted her newborn son Denis through a baby-hatch of an orphanage where he has lived ever since, handicapped by a rare disease, congenital analgesia, which affects his ability to feel physical pain, and needs to be medically controlled. Today, forbidden from taking care of her son, she tricks the orphanage staff, literally kidnapping and taking him to her home in Moscow. It soon emerges that her motive is anything but motherly. Because he does not feel any pain when injured, now he is trained to jump on cars so his mother's friends can extort cash from the drivers...

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