Karamazov Brothers (Y. Moroz)

Karamazov Brothers (Y. Moroz)

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12 episodes

19th century. There are passions between the old libertine Fyodor Karamazov and his three sons - Mitya, Ivan and Alyosha. The relationship between Mitya and his father are very intense not only because of his inheritance, but also because of the pleasure woman Grushenka, whom they are both madly in love with. Mitya knows that his father is ready to marry her, and he has money to buy her agreement. However Mitya desperately needs that money to return the debt of honor to Ekaterina. The father neither wants to give in Grushenka to his son nor give him the money. Being very desperate Mitya threatens to kill his father. The natural Fyodor Karamazov's son Smerdyakov uses the situation for his own hand. Once, when the old man is found murdered in his own house, Mitya becomes the main suspect. Brothers try to save Mitya from unjust accusation, but they find out unpleasant truth about themselves. Ivan finds out that because of his impudent judgements he masterminded the murderer to do his deed.

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