Ken Park

Ken Park

  • $14.99

After making "KIDS" and "BULLY", Larry Clark pushes the limits and gives us a disquieting look at a group of skaters in California.

Written by professional rebel Hormony Korine. Directed by Larry Clark and Far From Heaven"s and Erin Brokovich’s Ed Lachman.

"My first film Kids was about the secret world of children, where parents are not allowed. In Ken Park we go inside the houses of four families and meet the parents. Ken Park is the story of children and their parents in Visalia, California, an isolated inland town between Los Angeles and Fresno. The story flows through the lives of three young boys and one girl, all childhood friends, and their parents. The children’s and parents’ lives are unmasked and you see the ascent of violence, sex, hatred, love and the manic episodes of emotional confusion." - Larry Clark

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