Khachaturian - Spartacus - The Bolshoi Ballet

Khachaturian - Spartacus - The Bolshoi Ballet

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Spartacus, the story of a Roman slave’s fight for freedom, is one of the great epic adventure stories. Grigorovich’s choreography fills the huge Bolshoi stage with dynamic scenes of tension and conflict, which give full expression to the virility and strength for which Russia’s male dancers are renowned.
Irek Mukhamedov brings to the title role a conviction and assurance made possible only by prodigious technique. His partner is Natalya Bessmertnova, supple and expressive in the love scenes, intensely moving in her final grief.

The Bolshoi Ballet with music by Aram Khachaturian, and choreography by Yuri Grigorovich. Production Staged By Yuri Grigorovich with Designs By S.B. Virsaladze. Spartacus: Irek Mukhamedov, Crassus: Mikhail Gabovich, Phrygia: Natalya Bessmertnova, Aegina: Maria Bylova, Gladiator: Mikhail Tsivin. Orchestra Of The Bolshoi Theatre, Conductor Alygis Zhyuraitis.

"Spartacus is a celebration of male dancing at its most spectacular." - THE OBSERVER

"Mukhamedov is a dancer of extraordinary technical power and an actor of total dedication." - THE GUARDIAN

"Even when sitting motionless, Mukhamedov radiates power, and when he bounds the stage he is really awesome." - THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

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