Koi... Mil Gaya

Koi... Mil Gaya

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Ranjit Mehra and his wife Sonia live a middle-class life in rural India. Ranjit's passion is studying the heavenly bodies through various computers, telescopes and communicators as he believes there is life beyond Earth. He continuously transmits the sound generated by "Om", and hopes that someone somewhere will hear this and respond to it. One day he does get a respond, and he hurries to share this with experts - only to be scoffed at. Humiliated at this, he returns home and that is when an earthquake occurs, destroying the house with all the equipment, seriously injuring a pregnant Sonia, and killing Ranjit. Due to her injuries, Sonia is able to deliver a baby boy albeit with serious mental disabilities, who she names Rohit. Rohit does survive and grow up - only physically as mentally he is a mere child. Complications arise when Rohit is taunted and made fun of in school, and when he claims that he is hiding an! alien in his storage shed. Is Rohit making all this up with an overly active childish imagination, for who can believe a mentally challenged individual having hallucinations about aliens and spaceships?

Summary written by rAjOo

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