Lectures for Housewives (subtitles)

Lectures for Housewives (subtitles)

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In the mid-1970s, when socialist ideology in the USSR was at its peak, a team of young female swimmers is sent to an international sports camp on the outskirts of a village. Naturally, they are accompanied by the usual “unremarkable man with a hat” - an undercover KGB agent sent with the group in order to “watch and prevent”. Katia, a beautiful, cheerful and active girl meets Konstantin, a professor in psychology and psychoanalysis who is married to a French woman and who is planning to leave the USSR for good. Konstantin, charmed by Katia’s naivety and provinciality, seduces her. Believing firmly that their relationship may have a future, he writes Katia’s address on the cover of Sigmund Freud’s Lectures for Housewives.

Unfortunately, the book is left on the beach and is soon discovered by the KGB. Katia’s life radically changes as she is branded a traitor of the Motherland and must be punished. Her career as a professional swimmer is finished and after nine months, she gives birth to a little girl. Years pass and Konstantin, now a famous psychology professor, is touring the world giving lectures. Katia, previously a hostel manager, now owns her own hotel which Konstantin coincidentally visits. He does not recognize Katia, but although she recognises him, she does not approach him, as he is accompanied by his wife. Some time later, Katia’s daughter, now a student of psychology, travels to Moscow to attend one of Konstantin’s workshops. Konstantin cannot help but notice this young, smart and beautiful woman. They begin to spend time together, and, unaware that she is his daughter, Konstantin begins to pursue her…

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