Love Machine (Pavel Ruminov romance drama) (subtitles)

Love Machine (Pavel Ruminov romance drama) (subtitles)

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Director Pavel Ruminov wanted to break up with his girlfriend. But she had a different opinion on the matter and refused to leave the flat, insisting their story was not over yet.

Pavel Ruminov films his own relationship with the actress Nataliia Anisimova, his ex-girlfriend. When he decides to break up with her and wants her to move out of the apartment, Natalia does not agree to end their affair. although he says he has a new girlfriend, Masha. She claims that their story was not yet over. A year later, the couple decides to reconstruct this story and make a semi-documentary film in the style of the French wave. But in the process, he turns into Gerald - his own alter ego. Gerald has been dissatisfied with what he is doing for many years.

Director: Pavel Ruminov

Writer: Pavel Ruminov

Stars: Natalya Anisimova, Pavel Ruminov, Maria Lavrova, Andrey Nazimov, Rafael Durnoyan

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