Main Khiladi Tu Anari

Main Khiladi Tu Anari

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Bollywood actor, Deepak Kumar, is frustrated with the roles and his being type-caste as a romantic hero. He would like to do something different, and bring some change and excitement to his dull and boring existence. One day in order to overcome his tedious life, he gets drunk and drives around, and is arrested by the police, and held in a cell. This is where he meets with dashing Inspector Karan Joglekar, and is very impressed with his assertiveness, courage, and honesty, and would like to study his behavior so that he can use this as a background for his next movie. Karan reluctantly agrees to help Deepak, and permits him to accompany him while on duty. This is when Deepak will find out that perhaps he was better off being the reel-hero, rather than facing the harshness of a real hero.

Summary written by rAjOo

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