Masha and the Bear. English and Russian Versions. Part 1 (Episodes 1-18)

Masha and the Bear. English and Russian Versions. Part 1 (Episodes 1-18)

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Attention: This DVD has English and Russian audio versions

“Masha and the Bear” is continuing to enslave hearts all over the world. Here is fully translated version of our beloved animation series!

You will find out how the story of Masha and the Bear has started, how you could identify the footprints of different animals on the snow, how you could go fishing, and you will see many others funny adventures!

And you can learn English with your favorite funny Masha by watching her adventures!

01. How they met 

02. One, two, three! Light the Christmas tree! 

03. Don't wake till spring! 

04. Springtime for Bear 

05. Gone Fishing 

06. Tracks For Animals 

07. Prances with Wolves (С волками жить...) 

08. Call Me Please (Позвони мне, позвони)

09. Jam Day (День варенья) 

10. Holiday on Ice 1

11. First Day of School 

12. No Trespassing! 

13. Hide and Seek Is Not for the Weak 

14. Watch Out! 

15. Get Well Soon! 

16. Recipe for Disaster 

17. Little Cousin (Дальний родственник) 

18. Laundry Day (Большая стирка)

Project Director, Idea, Script: Oleg Kuzovkov

Directors: Oleg Uzhinov, Denis Chervyatsov, Andrey Parygin

Art Director: Ilya Trusov

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