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Meet three married men, Prem, Meet and Amar, who have been married for a few years, but already have the "seven year itch". They decide to be bachelors for a few days, and take advantage of their new-found freedom by flirting and having affairs with attractive young women. They do find three women, one who turns to be a transvestite; the second who wants to take photos of naked men for a commercial; and the third lifeless = dead. Before the hapless trio can stock of what has happened, they find themselves as prime suspects by a very suspicious Police Inspector Sikander, who has taken a personal dislike to them, and wants them to be in his custody, so he can work them over, in return for a confession; and of a black-mailer who has some very revealing photographs, for which he wants a hefty sum - a sum the trio can only obtain by stealing.

Summary written by rAjOo

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