Men and beasts
A story about a Soviet officer, Alexei Pavlov, who has gone through a German concentration camp, Mexico’s sugar-cane plantations and a life of privation in Germany. In the times of Khrushchev’s “thaw”, he returns to his homeland.

One of the best films by Sergey Gerasimov. Too controversial for its time, the film was released at the end of Khrushchev’s tenure, and shortly after was shelved. The orthodox Party ideologues found it harmful… Apparently, because of its honest depiction of the West and the leading character’s views which are far from eulogizing communism. The in-depth characterization of people in the master’s work is truly astounding. Moreover, one gets a feeling that the author knows and understands everything about you as well, and he is at one with you. Characteristically for Gerasimov’s film, the actors look amazingly natural on the screen.

1962 box-office leader – 3rd place: 40.33+37.9 million viewers

Special features:
Interview with actor S. Nikonenko
Photo album «In memory of actress Tamara Makarova»

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