Menotti - The Medium - Schippers

Menotti - The Medium - Schippers

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The DVD is featured by original recording of the opera and NOT digitally re-mastered

The acclaimed 1950 film version of Menotti's supernatural thriller stars Marie Powers, Anna Maria Alberghetti, and Leo Coleman. The Rome Radio Italiana Orchestra is conducted by Thomas Schippers. This adaptation of the opera includes more than thirty minutes of additional scenes and music which Menotti wrote specifically for the film.

The Medium
Opera in Two Acts by Gian-Carlo Menotti

Madame Flora (“Baba”): Marie Powers
Monica: Anna Maria Alberghetti
Toby: Leo Colman
Mrs. Gobineau: Beverly Dame
Mrs. Nolan: Belva Kibler
Mr. Gobineau: Donald Morgan

Symphony Orchestra of Rome Radio Italiana
conducted by Thomas Schippers

Chapter Selection

1. Prelude (Opening credits)

Act One

2. I shall have a kingdom
(Children’s Voices, Monica)

3. How many times I’ve told you not to touch my things
(Baba, Monica)

4. Good evening, Madame Flora
(Mrs. Gobineau, Mr. Gobineau, Baba, Mrs. Nolan)

5. It’s time to begin. Close the doors!
(Baba, Mr. Gobineau, Monica’s Voice, Mrs. Gobineau, Mrs. Nolan)

6. What is it? Who is it? Who is there?
(Baba, Mr. Gobineau, Mrs. Gobineau, Mrs. Nolan, Monica)

7. Ah, Madame Flora. What a surprise
(Mrs. Nolan, Baba)

8. Baba! Baba!
(Monica, Dwarf)

9. Who’s there? . . . The sun has fallen and it lies in blood
(Baba, Monica, Voice)

10. Toby . . . look at me . . . it’s I, Baba
(Baba, Monica)

Act Two

11. Bravo! And after the theatre, supper and dance!

12. Where is Monica?

13. Baba, what did you do to him?
(Monica, Mrs. Gobineau, Mrs. Nolan, Mr. Gobineau, Baba)

14. Toby! Toby!
(Monica, Baba, Voice)

15. Afraid, am I afraid?

16. Who’s there? Answer me!
(Baba, Monica)

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