Morphine (Aleksey Balabanov film,based on the stories of M. Bulgakov) (subtitles)

Morphine (Aleksey Balabanov film,based on the stories of M. Bulgakov) (subtitles)

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A drama that chronicles the civil war that raged after the 1917 Bolshevik revolution. 

The year is 1917. We are in the Russian countryside. It is the middle of freezing winter. A pale young, newly educated doctor arrives. Having to deal with one medical challenge after another he soon becomes the center of everyone's attention. To soothe the impressions of human suffering he turns to morphine.


Powerful and bizarre tale of the young medical doctor sliding into the abyss of drug addiction as the country around him slides into the horrors of civil war. Even so the revolution and the war is hardly shown in the movie (which is set in a small village), one could feel it's dark presence in every scene, every dialogue.

Surprisingly well captures the spirit of autobiographical novels of Mikhail Bulgakov, Russia's greatest and most controversial author of the 20th century. Strongly recommended for everyone who enjoys Bulgakov, Dostoevsky, classical Russian literature and history. Also, it's a great tribute to the director/screenwriter Sergei Bodrov Jr. who died so tragically at the height of his career.

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