Moscow does not Believe in Tears (subtitles)

An Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film. This is a melodrama about life stories of the three girls. Three friends, Antonina, Liudmila and Yekaterina, come to Moscow in search of their dream. Sharing a hostel room, they work and play together. Antonina soon marries a good man and settles down to raise a family. For Liudmila, Moscow is a sort of lottery, in which you have to pick the lucky ticket. She attempts to conquer the big city, but ends up a loser. The life of the third girl, Yekaterina, is a contemporary Cinderella story. She had her share of disappointments, but did not despair. In twenty years she built up a career and became the director of a big enterprise. A single parent of a daughter, she finally meets the right man and, after long and bitter years of loneliness, finds true happiness…


Grand Prize at the IFF in Portugal, 1980;

Oscar for Best Foreign Film, 1980;

Saint-Michel Prize for best Actress (Vera Alentova) at the Brussels IFF, 1981

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