Mother (Mama) (Rock'n Roll Wolf) (Elisabeta Bostan 1976 fantasy musical) (subtitles)

Mother (Mama) (Rock'n Roll Wolf) (Elisabeta Bostan 1976 fantasy musical) (subtitles)

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Titles:     Mother     Mama     Ma-ma     Mummy     Rock'n Roll Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf and his friends are plotting to kidnap and ransom Mrs. Rada the Goat's children for a bag full of gold.

Mrs. Rada the Goat tells her five children to behave while she goes to the fair, and under no circumstances open the door to anyone except her. But the Big Bad Wolf, Kostika (Titi) Suru, and his nephew, the Little Bad Wolf, along with friends Rassul the Lynx and Petrika the Donkey has made a plan to kidnap the children while their mother is away. And when the eldest child, Matei, decides to disobey his mother and visit the fair himself, things start to go badly for the goat-family.

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