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Three from Prostokvashino

Three from Prostokvashino (DVD-NTSC)

A three-part series about a teenage boy, who feels unappreciated at home, and runs away to live in t..


The Snow Maiden

The Snow Maiden (DVD-NTSC)

The film is based on the play of famous Russian writer A.N.Ostrovsky. Snyegurochka ('snow maiden') i..


The Secret of the Iron Door

The Secret of the Iron Door (DVD-NTSC)

Every one of us dreams of finding a magic wand, matches or, at least, an enchanted flower that would..


The Republic of ShKID (subtitles)

The Republic of ShKID (subtitles) (DVD-NTSC)

The 1920's... St. Petersburg's streets are full of gangs of homeless kids. From time to time some of..


The Messenger

The Messenger (DVD-NTSC)

The Messenger - 40618 -..


The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid (DVD-NTSC)

The film is dedicated to the memory of the great Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen and is based ..


The Last Knight (subtitles)

The Last Knight (subtitles) (Blu-ray)

When Ivan meets his new friends in another place called Belogorie, his quest on the new country begi..


The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors (Blu-ray)

A girl named Olya never listened to her grandmother, but one day due to an old and magic mirror, Oly..


The City of Masters

The City of Masters (DVD-NTSC)

A free medieval city with a majestic castle, picturesque market plaza and cosy houses, is conquered ..


The Black Hen or Living Undeground

The Black Hen or Living Undeground (DVD-NTSC)

At a St. Petersburg boarding school, a new life began for the ten-year-old Alyosha, who was accustom..


The Big Space Travel

The Big Space Travel (DVD-PAL)

A screen adaptation of Sergey Mikhalkov's play "The First Three, or the year 2001."Three schoolchild..


The Adventures of the Yellow Suitcase (subtitles)

The Adventures of the Yellow Suitcase (subtitles) (DVD-NTSC)

In one sunny city live two cute and unusual children: boy Petya and girl Toma. Toma is an "ice queen..


The Adventures of Buratino

The Adventures of Buratino (DVD-NTSC)

"The Adventures of Buratino and the Golden Key" was A. Tolstoy's re-telling of the classic story of ..


Tetushki (Rojdestvenskaya komediya)

Tetushki (Rojdestvenskaya komediya) (DVD-NTSC)

Tetushki (Rojdestvenskaya komediya) - 59842 -..




A fairytale film after Evgeny Shvarts’s play is a wise and funny story about the struggle of a kind ..


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