Naughty Marietta - Victor Herbert

Naughty Marietta - Victor Herbert

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Patrice Munsel, Alfred Drake, Complete 1955 live teleast. Conducted by Charles Sanford. Produced and directed by Max Liebman.

Marietta d'Altena - Patrice Munsel
Captain Dick Warrington - Alfred Drake
Lt. Governer Le Grange - John Conte
Yvonne - Gale Sherwood
Louis D'Arc - Don Driver
Captian of Ship - Robert Gallagher
Rudolfo - William La Massena
Dancers - Bambi Linn & Rodd Alexander

Charles Dagmar and his Punch & Judy

Naughty Marietta is one of Victor Herbert's most enduring and beloved operettas, boasting such favorite Herbert melodies as Ah!, Sweet Mystery of Life, Italian Street Song, I'm Falling in Love with Someone and Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! In 1935, MGM Studios chose Naughty Marietta as the premiere vehicle for Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, although much of the original storyline and music were drastically altered. Twenty years later, Producer/Director Max Liebman brought Naughty Marietta to television in a production which was, according to Variety, prepared with "painstaking care and devotion." Unlike the Hollywood approach, Liebman's production is quite faithful to the original work, allowing the unforgettable Herbert score to speak (or sing) for itself.

For his leads, Liebman chose two reigning stars from the worlds of Opera and Broadway: Patrice Munsel, a Met Opera favorite in such roles as Lucia, Juliet and Adele, gives a spirited account of the saucy Marietta d'Altena. Mr Drake, famous for creating the leading roles in Oklahoma! and Kismet, made his television debut in this production, lending his rich baritone voice to the role of Captain Warrington (appearing without his trademark beard).

A strong supporting cast of singers and dancers helps make this a memorable evening, and now, throught the courtesy of VAI, one to be enjoyed again and again!

Ron Pollard

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