New Years gift - All New Years programs on one disk
the New year's eve - the most magic night in a year. This night we see off old year and we meet new, this night miracles are possible, and the most treasured desires come true. This night " the First channel " has prepared the spectators for a surprising gift - magic fireworks of New Year's numbers " the First fast ". Right after the New Year's reference of the president of Russia you will be begun to whirl with bright celebratory whirlpool of songs, jokes, bright numbers and unexpected surprises. Meet New Year in the company of the brightest

Stars of the Russian platform in a new musical on motives of the novel. Century of Gogol " Sorochinskaja fair ". Rich peasant Solopy Cherevyk goes on well-known Sorochinskuju fair to sell wheat. Together with it its all family has gone also: quarrelsome wife Hyvrja also three daughters Paraska, Gorpyna and Motrja. Young parubok Grytsko, having met at fair Parasku, falls in love with it. But stepmother Hyvrja against their wedding. Grytsko gets acquainted at fair with tsygankoj - vorozhkoj which helps it to persuade parents Paraski. In parallel with it the comic events connected with mysterious history about chervonuju to a roll are developed. The story kuma TSybuli about chervonoj a roll is picturized and sated by set ekstsentrichnyh stages. In the ending of history protagonists find happiness, and all comes to the end with cheerful wedding

This film is not similar neither to classical "Cinderella", nor on Hollywood "Sinderellu". Cheerful history about the fine Cinderella to whom so hardly it is necessary in a life because of the ambitious stepmother and silly sisters. A meeting with Prince on royal to ball - the most exciting moment of film then the life of the Cinderella becomes similar to a fairy tale. And among inhabitants of this fantastic kingdom it is possible to find without effort many good friends.

"Snow Queen" is full of the raised feelings, pleasure and miracles! As well as it is necessary, kindness and fidelity win charms of malicious queen, heart Kaja snovo becomes sensitive... The Way to heppy end is not easy, but extremely fascinating! Be convinced.

Action of a known comedy about speculator Golohvastom (Maxim Galkin) authors of film have transferred to 2003. At heroes names, trades, hobbies have exchanged, but problems have remained the same. Heroine Alla Pugachevoj - Tonja Korovjak sleeps and sees itself the superstar. Dreams of glory, admirers, an applause and a white limousine of steel for it obsession. If in due time the arrogant girl mastered elements of noble manners in a board, now for achievement of an object in view tonja is going to go to study as " Factory of stars "

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