Night Watch
Everyone knows that it is dangerous in the streets at night. But in this case it is not about criminals and maniacs. When the night falls, and forces of evil rule undividedly, there swarm those who cannot be met during the daytime – dark mages, vampires and other unholy. Their power is great and they cannot be vanquished by an ordinary weapon. Following traces of the "nocturnal hunters" go those, who were for centuries battle dwellings of gloom and attaining victory, undeviatingly following The Pact, concluded thousands of years ago between The Light Ones and The Dark Ones… Their name is Night Watch. Their purpose – maintaining the balance between Good and Evil, breach of which leads to destruction, wars, revolutions, universal catastrophes. Every bad human act – cheating, treachery, murder, as well as a good one is put on a scale panning it to one side or another. That is why powers of Light and powers of Darkness are forced to exist in two worlds: real and the beyond, trying to either impel one to commit a sin or deter one from it...

Mystical thriller. Action occurs today in Moscow. Main heroes - magicians and wizards, employees of " Night Watch ", protecting moscovites from invasion of dark forces.

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