Nine Days of a Year
The given film about the atomic physicists has become one of the brightest events of cinematographic art of 60-s. The fate of a young scientist whose sense of life is concentrated in his research work is in the focus of attention. Even having got a fatal radiation doze, he continues persistently his experiments though each can turn out to be the last one.

The Grand Prize "Crystal Globe" at IFF in Karlovy Vary, 1962; the best film of 1962 due to the poll results of "Sovietsky Ekran" magazine; Diplomas of Honor at IFF in San Francisco (1962) and Melbourne (1965); Film director and screenplay author M. Romm, screenplay author D. Khrabrovitsky, camera man Lavrov, film designer Kolganov and actor A. Batalov got RSFSR State Prize named after the Vasilyevs brothers (1966).

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